5 Shoe Storage DIY Tricks!

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So your shoe collection has gotten a little bit out of control. We get it — having the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion requires a substantial number of footwear choices. The real problem is figuring out where to store all that fantastic footwear. You know that a jumbled pile of shoes on the floor of your closet isn’t the greatest solution: it takes up too much space and can lead to your shoes being damaged. Luckily, the internet is chock-full of great ideas and storage hacks, so we’re taking a minute to round up a few of our favorite shoe storage DIYs for you!

• DIY Tension Rod Shoe Racks

This brilliant idea comes from 3CityGirls! Use up all the space in a small closet by installing tension racks near the floor underneath your clothes. Pairs of cheap tension rods create customizable shelves for your footwear collection. Get the full tutorial here.

• PVC Pipe Organizer

Beth at Home Stories A to Z brings us this beautiful DIY! Sure, we’ve all seen the PVC pipe organizers floating around on Pinterest, but she’s really taken it to the next level by decorating the pipes to look like birch logs. Storage and home decor? Yes, please! Find her brilliant tutorial here.

• Chalkboard Labels

If you’re the type that likes to keep your shoes stored in boxes, you’ll love this idea from Chastity at Eleven Magnolia Lane. She stashes all of her footwear in clear storage boxes and uses chalkboard labels to identify the pairs inside. We think this would work just as well with the original boxes if you still have them! (And if you’re a visual person, we’ve also seen a version of this that utilizes photos of the shoes on the box instead of labels!) Check out the full tutorial on the Eleven Magnolia Lane website.

• Flip Flop Hangers

If you feel like flip flops takeover your closet during the summer, this DIY from Jen at EPBOT is exactly what you need to tame the madness. Her cute flip flop hangers are a quick and easy afternoon project, plus they’re a great way to use up the terrible wire hangers that seem to just appear in our closets. Find her easy to follow instructions here.

• Ladder Shelves

Want a little bit of unique decor? Try a shoe display ladder shelf! Geneva at A Pair & A Spare has simple instructions for building your one yourself. Be forewarned: this is the most involved DIY in this roundup. You’re gonna need some power tools. Well, a power tool. The shelves are attached to the ladder with shelf brackets and a drill. Find all of the instructions here.

Do you think you’ll be trying one of these shoe storage hacks? If not, do you have another favorite storage method we neglected to mention? There’s so many great storage ideas out there that we’re sure we missed a few, so drop us a line on FacebookTwitteror Instagram to let us know what we’re missing!