​7 Ways to Style the UGG Classic Short II

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 4th Nov 2016

November is upon us, and it's prime time for UGG fans to rock their favorite boots. If you think the UGG trend is played out, think again! The great thing about UGG boots is that there are many colors to choose from and infinite stylish ways to wear them for fall. If you already own a pair of UGGs but aren't sure how to style them, or you want to try them but don't know how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, we're here to help! Using the bestselling UGG Classic Short II, we've created outfits to suit every fashion sense while showcasing the variety of colors available. Read on to discover 7 gorgeous ways to make the UGG Classic Short II uniquely yours!

About the UGG New Classics

Most people recognize the UGG Classic Short II on sight, yet many aren't aware of the great features UGG boots have to offer. The UGG Classic Short II is one of the UGG New Classics, a relaunched line of UGG's most beloved boots. The innovative UGG New Classics offer the fashionable styles and plush Twinface sheepskin you know and love, but with a handful of fresh features that elevate UGG boots from iconic to perfect.

Once you slip into a pair of UGG boots, you never want to take them off. This used to be a problem for many UGG devotees who wanted to sport their UGGs even during poor weather. With the New UGG Classics, checking the forecast before you put on your UGGs is a thing of the past. The New UGG Classics are pretreated to repel moisture, so you never have to stress about stepping out into the rain. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of your UGG New Classics whether the skies are sunny or gray! Plus, the UGG New Classics also resist stains, so a drip from your coffee or a misstep into something unpleasant won't ruin your UGG boots' natural good looks.

The other great attribute that sets the UGG New Classics apart is their Treadlite sole. Treadlite by UGG is an outsole material that has everything you want in a shoe sole: it's lightweight and flexible enough to wear all day long, yet durable enough to stand up to repeated use. If you're a woman who wants to wear her UGGs 24/7 (and we don't blame you), now you can! In addition to being tough and light, Treadlite soles offer dependable traction even in slippery situations, and they provide both cushioning to pamper your foot and rebound to give you a spring in your step. Read more about the UGG Treadlite sole in our blog post.

Overall, the UGG New Classics are boots you'll love wearing from the moment you take them out of the box. New and improved, yet true to the characteristics that made them "classic" in the first place, these boots are crafted with UGG lovers like you in mind.

About the UGG Classic Short II

UGG Classic Short II in Sand    UGG Classic Short II in Chestnut       UGG Classic Short in Navy    UGG Classic Short II in Black  

The most popular of the UGG New Classics is the UGG Classic Short II. When you say the word "UGGs," this is usually the boot that comes to mind. Simple, chic, and ubiquitous, the UGG Classic Short II is a fashion titan and the very essence of luxury footwear. Crafted from 17mm Grade-A Twinface sheepskin, the UGG Classic Short II is constructed with nylon binding and a tough yet supple suede heel plate. The Twinface insole and lining is more than just indulgently soft; it's also naturally moisture-wicking and breathable to keep your feet cozy and dry no matter the temperature. An overlock stitch detail on the seams adds character to this charming boot's instantly recognizable profile. The Classic Short II has a shaft height of 8", putting the boot's collar at the bottom of the calf on most people. This medium height is one of the reasons the Classic Short II is so versatile and easy to style.

As soon as fall arrives, you can hardly walk a block without bumping into a woman wearing UGGs. Just because everyone is wearing them doesn't mean we all have to look alike! Luckily, the Classic Short II comes in a variety of lovely shades beyond the basic chestnut, gray, and black, so you can choose whether to go classic and chic or funky and unique. Here are some outfit ideas we've created using Polyvore to help you make UGGs your go-to boots all season long.

1. UGG Classic Short II in Chestnut: Fall Colors

UGG Classic Short II in Chestnut: Fall Colors

The UGG Classic Short II in Chestnut is probably the most iconic UGG boot, so we went with a fairly standard yet undeniably stylish fall look. Distressed skinny jeans are comfy and cute, and they easily tuck into your UGG boots. Lightly frayed jeans like these let you capture that careless vibe without exposing too much skin to the cool breezes of autumn. Up top, we've chosen a dusty rose batwing sweater over a wine red tank top. Layering up with something slouchy over a basic tank or cami is a simple yet flattering fall favorite. A cozy blanket scarf brings the outfit's colors together in an accessory that's all autumn. Complete this outfit with a matching bag, some rose gold jewelry, and a lipstick in deep berry-red, and you'll be as pretty as the changing leaves!

2. UGG Classic Short II in Sand: City Chic

UGG Classic Short II in Sand: City Girl

Whether you find yourself hoofing it down busy sidewalks every day or there are miles between you and the big city, it's easy to rock this edgy yet sophisticated look. Cream and black make for a chic combination from head to toe while the UGG Classic Short II in Sand keeps your feet comfortable without sacrificing style. Black skinny jeans with ripped knees and a wool sweater in cream with black buttons form the base of this ensemble. Toughen it up with a sleek moto jacket in black leather, add a trendy felt fedora, and you'll look like a fashion model on her day off. Statement earrings bring an extra dose of personality, while nail polish or lipstick in wine red provides a necessary pop of color.

3. UGG Classic Short II in Black: Wild Child

UGG Classic Short II in Black: Wild Child

If you're looking for an opportunity to show off your wild side, this is the outfit for you. Leggings and UGGs go together like pumpkin and spice, and here we've paired the UGG Classic Short II in Black with animal print leggings for a fun and eye-catching combination. A black tank proclaiming your state of carefree independence is made fall-friendly with a cashmere zip-up hoodie in camel. Matching cat-eye sunglasses and black feather earrings help bring it all together. Release your inner wild child completely with lips and nails of vibrant scarlet. Who says comfy clothes have to be boring and unattractive? With this ensemble and the Classic Short II, you'll make an impression wherever you go.

4. UGG Classic Short II in Grey: Funky & Fun

UGG Classic Short II in Grey: Funky & Fun

Look up grey in the thesaurus and you'll find words like dismal, dreary, lifeless, and dull. Yet style mavens know that the way to make grey bold and beautiful is to combine it with fun, bright, complementary colors. Here, we've started with the UGG Classic Short II in Grey and built an outfit that is anything but drab. Turquoise and hot pink both look great with grey, and the three together form a gorgeously fashionable trifecta. Turquoise leggings and a cozy knit sweater dress in grey make up this simple yet distinctive outfit, but the real delight is in the accessories. Turquoise jewelry, femininely embellished sunglasses, hot pink lips, and a headband that brings all the ensemble's colors together give this look the boost it needs to go from cute to adorably quirky. Now it's easy to wear your UGG boots and still stand out from the crowd this fall!

5. UGG Classic Short II in Chocolate: Bohemian Beauty

UGG Classic Short II in Chocolate: Bohemian Beauty

The bohemian look is characterized by intricate prints, natural colors, and a combination of fitted and flowing pieces. It's a fun, natural, and visually stunning way of dressing, and it goes perfectly with the rich, earthy color of the UGG Classic Short II in Chocolate. This long-sleeved smock dress draws all eyes with its elegant floral print in burgundy, teal, coral, and white. The deep colors and the white leggings underneath help to flawlessly transition this summery dress to fall. A fringed infinity scarf and brown panama-style hat offer both style and warmth. Chunky accessories made of stones, feathers, and other natural materials keep you in tune with the bohemian vibe. When it's cold outside, layer up with a brown suede jacket.

6. UGG Classic Short II in Navy: Starstruck

UGG Classic Short II in Navy: Starstruck

Blue shoes are often difficult to style because of how odd they can look with your usual jeans. In this stellar outfit, we've paired the UGG Classic Short II in Navy with a pair of skinny khakis to avoid that problem entirely. The khakis are lightly distressed to keep from looking overly dressy. A blue sweater with a pattern of fawn-colored stars, a cashmere scarf, and a navy beanie will protect you from autumn's chill. Finish it off with star-studded accessories and a makeup palette of brown, beige, gold, and pink, and you've got an ensemble fit for an off-duty celeb.

7. UGG Classic Short II in Stormy Grey: Earth Tones

UGG Classic Short II in Stormy Grey: Earth Tones

The UGG Classic Short II in Stormy Grey is a unique, intriguing color that truly goes with almost everything. This boot is best described as a mink shade with pink and brown undertones. With this look, we've chosen to complement the Classic Short II's natural color with brown and soft green. Basic skinny jeans, a lace-edged brown camisole, and a pale green button-up combined with a brown felt hat form a sweet, outdoorsy look we're dubbing "explorer chic." Keep it real with accessories made from wood and earth-toned stones like jade and labradorite. Woodsy eyeshadow, a brown infinity scarf, and a suede clutch get you ready for whatever the day might bring.

We hope you love these outfit ideas! Now you can enjoy the comfort and effortless style of the UGG Classic Short II without looking like every other UGG-loving lady. Follow us on Polyvore for more style inspiration throughout the week, and we'll show you how to wear UGG boots and other popular shoes.

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