Brand Spotlight: New Balance

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Brand Spotlight: New Balance

If you hear New Balance and immediately think "dad shoe," we can't blame you. Functional, practical, comfortable, well-priced for their quality: these are the things that we imagine dads want, and these are the things that New Balance offers. It's time to take a page out of your dad's book and embrace New Balance as your new favorite sneaker brand. From stylish (yes, we said it. Stylish.) everyday sneakers to specialized athletic shoes, New Balance has something to offer everyone. With 112 years of manufacturing quality footwear and accessories under its belt, it should come as no surprise that New Balance is one of the best sneaker manufacturers around.

About New Balance

When New Balance was founded in 1906 by a British immigrant named William J. Riley, the company only manufactured and sold arch support inserts. Designed by Riley himself, the arch supports were based on his observation of chicken's feet. Their three-toed claws allowed them to balance better, and Riley copied that three-pointed balance into his arch supports. The arch supports offered three points of support, and allowed the wearer a new way to balance, hence the name "New Balance." Their inserts cost as much as a new pair of shoes, thanks to their superior design and quality of materials. This commitment to quality lives on in the company today.

For many, many years, these arch supports were the only product that New Balance produced and sold. When the company finally branched out to sneakers in 1960 with the Trackster, they maintained their commitment to comfort by making it the first sneaker to come in varying widths. New Balance sneakers reached cult status by word-of-mouth, and soon their Trackster was a top choice for college track teams across the country. For 12 years the Trackster sneaker was the only shoe produced by the company. When Jim Davis, the current New Balance chairman, bought the company in 1972, there were only 6 employees manufacturing 30 shoes a day. Davis expanded the company, and New Balanced boomed during the 1970s as the U.S. experienced a surge of interest in running. New Balance expanded to carry more sneakers while maintaining their commitment to producing quality products.

New Balance has grown over the years to produce sneakers of all kinds. From comfortable walking shoes favored by dads everywhere to trendy sneakers sported by the likes of Kanye West, New Balance offers designs for anyone's daily wear. As their original sneaker design would suggest, New Balance also offers a range of athletic shoes: running shoes designed to correct for issues in a runner's stride, training shoes with ultra-lightweight cushioning soles, soccer cleats, and a whole laundry list of other athletic shoe options. Whatever footwear you're looking for, New Balance has something for you!

New Balance for You

Runners, walkers, elliptical users, fitness class attendees, and anyone who wants their feet to be comfortable all day long will love New Balance for blending easy comfort with cool style!

New Balance Women's 1340v2

New Balance Women's 1340v2 in Silver with Pink Zing & Purple Cactus Flower

New Balance Women's 1340v2 in Silver with Pink Zing & Purple Cactus Flower.

The women's 1340v2 is built for optimal support and motion control. This training shoe features a TPU shank — a piece of plastic between the sole and insole that adds extra support and stability — that helps control the movement of your foot and keep it in place in the shoe. Cushioning under your foot is made to keep you comfortable and absorb shock when your foot strikes the ground. Add in a rubber sole for traction and lightweight mesh for airflow and this shoe is ready to hit the gym!

The 1340v2 is available for men with similar stability and motion control features for $139.95*

The New Balance Women's 1340v2 is also $139.95*.

New Balance Men's 1540v2

New Balance Men's 1540v2 in Navy with Light Grey

New Balance Men's 1540v2 in Navy with Light Grey.

The men's 1540v2 is a running shoe with serious style. Modeled on classic New Balance shoes, this shoe is anything but old school with technical upgrades designed to correct the motion of your feet during a run. If your ankles are prone to rolling in during your strides (or overpronation for all you running pros), you'll appreciate the ROLLBAR technology in the 1540v2. The ROLLBAR is a piece of TPU above the sole of the shoe and directly under the heel of your foot designed to help stabilize your foot as you strike the ground, preventing your ankles from rolling in. With a rubber sole for lightweight traction, mesh for breathability, and a women's version of this shoe with similar features, the 1540v2 will make runs better for overpronators everywhere.

The New Balance 1540v2 is $164.95 for men and women*.

New Balance Women's 1865

New Balance Women's 1865 in Strata with Elderberry/Thistle

New Balance Women's 1865 in Strata with Elderberry/Thistle. Also available in Purple.

The New Balance women's 1865 is a walking shoe that's made to turn your walks into a workout. Incredible cushioning means that every step is comfortable, while a Rapid Rebound foam midsole is designed to spread the force of your footfall across the entirety of your foot. The 1865 also features New Balance FantomFit technology in the mesh upper designed to hold your foot in place without adding bulk. New Balance also offers plenty of walking shoes for men.

The New Balance Women's 1865 is $129.95*.

With over 100 years of footwear expertise, New Balance is sure to offer something comfortable for everyone! We've only covered a tiny fraction of the styles available from this fantastic brand in this post, so if you think that none of these styles are perfect for you, that's okay. Visit us in store or at to see more New Balance options!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (01/12/2017)