Brand Spotlight: Pikolinos

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 17th May 2018

Brand Spotlight: Pikolinos

Spanish cities are meant to be explored on foot. They were laid out before most people had the means to travel any way other than walking. These totally walkable cities pose a problem: how do you stay fashionable and comfortable when you’re on your feet all day? The oh-so-fashionable cities of Europe mean that finding the perfect balance of comfort and style is a necessity. Pikolinos has figured out how to strike that balance perfectly!

A Quick History of Pikolinos

The Happy Creators' Manifesto Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by Juan Perán Ramos, a man with a plan to create stylish comfort footwear. His foundation for Pikolinos’ identity centered on three core values: authenticity, originality, and naturalness. These are the values that continue to guide the company today, and have even led them to write their “Happy Creators Manifesto.” This manifesto proclaims that the best work is done by artisans who are content and who are free to find inspiration in whatever inspires them, be it a walk in nature, a visit to a coffee shop, or something else entirely. Pikolinos’ commitment to these core values has driven them to great success in the past 30 years.

Their first of many successes came just 5 years after they were founded. In 1989, Pikolinos began to export their products to France. The business boomed; today 80% of their production is exported to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia. They were the first footwear manufacturer to receive quality certification for their manufacturing and marketing processes by ISO and the IQNet association, respectively. International recognition for their work continued as they were awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification in 2003.

Beyond business success, Pikolinos is committed to giving back to the world. In 2007, they set up the Juan Perán Foundation. This foundation works with social, cultural, and sports development projects to provide resources and aid. Working with more than 70 NGOs, more than 16,000 families benefit from the Juan Perán Foundation’s projects each year. Their commitments through the foundation led them to launch Pikolinos Solidarity, the label under which they release special collections to benefit social projects.

From one man’s dream Pikolinos has blossomed into one of the leading manufacturers of comfort fashions. Their commitment to their core values has proved a winning strategy: their business has grown as they’ve opened physical retail locations in Europe’s capital cities and a product distribution center in the U.S. With their passion for quality and drive to do good for society, it’s no wonder people are falling in love with this stylish comfortable brand!

Favorite Pikolinos Styles

Pikolinos commitment to authenticity and naturalness makes their products unique. They use high-quality vegetable-tanned or semi-vegetable-tanned leathers to both ensure the quality of the product and protect the environment. While this type of leather is often stiff when it comes out of the box, in just a few wears you'll have them comfortably broken in to your own unique foot and wear patterns! Pikolinos Scotchgards their leathers, as well, so you can be sure that they're protected against stains and damage.

Women's P. Vallarta 655-1532

Pikolinos P. Vallarta 655-1532 in Brandy

The Pikolinos P. Vallarta 655-1532 in Brandy. Also available in BlueNata, and Sandia.

The Puerto Vallarta is Pikolinos’ signature women’s sandal. Hand-stitched detailing provides durable flexibility and embodies the soul of the Pikolinos brand: attention to detail, masterful craftwork, and a authentically created style. Semi-vegetable tanned leather with cutout detailing gives this P. Vallarta 655-1532 a totally unique look! With a gel foam padded midsole and a fully adjustable hook and loop strap, this sandal is just as comfy as it is cute.

The P. Vallarta 655-1532 is 159.95*.

Men's Santiago M7B-4023C1

 Santiago M7B-4023C1 in Cuero

The Santiago M7B-4023C1in Cuero. Also available in Black and Olmo.

For an attractive men’s shoe option, look no further than the Santiago M7B-4023C1. This extremely lightweight leather shoe is perfect for any guy who wants to look stylish casually. Available in three colors, the Santiago is meant to fit in with any style. A removable anatomic leather insole adds comfort, but can be also swapped out for your own custom version! The Santiago M7B-4023C1 is an excellent choice for simple style.

The Santiago M7B-4023C1 is 184.95*.

Add a little bit of European street style to your wardrobe with Pikolinos! Balancing fashion and comfort, this chic Spanish brand is worth considering next time you purchase footwear. If their commitment to quality isn’t enough to convince you to shop with them, then their commitment to doing good almost certainly will be. If you’re ready to shop, visit our Pikolinos page right here on our website or keep an eye on our Stay Updated page to find out about our next Pikolinos Trunk Show!

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