Hiking Sandals with a Twist: The KEEN Newport

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 4th May 2018

Hiking Sandals with a Twist: The KEEN Newport

“Can a sandal protect your toes?” According to KEEN, the answer is yes! Hiking sandals are understandably popular among outdoor enthusiasts: they’re lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. The only possible drawback is that they leave your toes exposed to the rocks, roots, and other debris on the trail. In 2003, KEEN set out to create a hiking sandal that combined the best of both worlds, bringing together breathable ease and toe protection to create the iconic KEEN Newport sandal!

KEEN Newport Sandal

KEEN Newport in Bison Leather

The KEEN Newport in Bison Leather. Also available in Neutral Gray/Gargoyle and White/Pepper Black; $109.95*.

The Newport sandal has several key features that make it an ideal adventuring shoe, first and most obviously the toe protection. The Newport style features a toe bumper, a rubber cap that covers the toes, which means you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes up against sharp debris! Plus, the cap is built onto the sole of the shoe and made of the same proprietary rubber, ensuring that even on descents you’ll be covered. On the subject of the soles, know that with the Newport you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling in wet conditions because they’re specifically designed for incredible traction. Thin slits along the sole flex open with your every step and grab onto to even the slipperiest surfaces.

Of course, it’s not just the sole of the KEEN Newport that makes this hiking sandal great! The Newport features a bungee lacing system. The benefit of a bungee lacing system? The elastic straps and locking clasp mean that the fit is almost fully customizable, and it’s easy to adjust whether you’re on dry land or underwater. The Newport also features durable upper materials and comfortable footbeds so you’ll never have to worry about your shoes while you’re out exploring.

KEEN Newport Variations

KEEN Men's Newport Hydro in Steel Gray/Paloma      KEEN Women's Newport Hydro in Steel Gray/Blue Turquoise

Left: KEEN Men's Newport Hydro in Steel Gray/Paloma; $99.95*. Right: KEEN Women's Newport Hydro; $99.95*. 

One of the best things about the KEEN Newport is that KEEN has a variety of Newports available. There is, of course, the original Newport, but KEEN has also introduced new styles optimized for different activities! If, for example, you’re someone who loves kayaking and rafting, you might prefer the Newport Hydro. The Hydro features everything you already know and love about the KEEN Newport with quick-dry linings and water repellant webbing. Plus, the KEEN Newport Hydro is completely washable, so when you slosh through the mud to haul your kayak up onto shore, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your Newports clean again.

KEEN Women's Newport Retro in Original Tie-Dye

KEEN Women's Newport Retro in Original Tie-Dye; $99.95*.

KEEN also varies their color options by season. There’s always your staple browns, blacks, and grays available, but KEEN also adds new, vibrant colors! Kick your outdoor style up a notch with a sandal like the KEEN Women’s Newport Retro in a fabulously bright tie-dye.

If you’re not completely sold on hiking sandals because you’re worried about the effectiveness of their foot protection, the KEEN Newport is a great sandal for you to test the waters so to speak. With most of the benefits of a more open sandal and plenty of protection thanks to the toe bumper, the Newport brings the best of both worlds to the table. Try a pair on for size and see if they’re right for you!

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