Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2017

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 21st Nov 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2017

It is the rare child who will include "a new pair of shoes" on their holiday wishlist. Most children are thinking about toys, games, and possibly a pony come the holidays, and so that's what their wishlists are comprised of. Their parents, on the other hand, are thinking about where they're going to store all of this new holiday loot. The thing about shiny new toys is that they're really only shiny and new for .2 seconds before they end up at the back of the closet with all of the other one-and-done toy purchases. Avoid causing a holiday hassle this year by giving your favorite small person something that they'll use every day: shoes. Their parents will appreciate having to buy one less pair of shoes this year, and who knows? Maybe your gift will become their new favorite shoe!

For Any Kid's Closet

Looking for something that will easily fit into any kid's wardrobe? These classic silhouettes in lovely neutrals will go perfectly with just about anything!

UGG Kids Cardy II

UGG Kids Cardy II in Grey

The UGG Kids Cardy II in Grey. Also available in Black.

If your favorite kid's favorite sweater became a boot, it would be the UGG Kids Cardy II. With its soft knit and adorable slouch, the Cardy II is the perfect cute-but-relaxed boot for any kid's closet. A foam insole lined in UGGpure™ wool is a total comfort game-changer, keeping little feet comfy and warm all day long. You can trust that the Treadlite by UGG™ sole will keep them on their feet, even when conditions get slippery. The wooden buttons are decorative and functional: when buttoned they add an interesting detail to the boot, and when unbuttoned they allow the boot to be cuffed down to a lower height! With a boot this cool, your kid will love getting bundled up for the day.

The UGG Kids Cardy II is $124.95*.

UGG Kids Pala

UGG Kids Pala in Chestnut

The UGG Kids Pala in Chestnut. Also available in Black and Grey.

With just a hint of added flair, the UGG Kids Pala is the perfect upgrade to an UGG Classic. A corset-laced satin ribbon runs up the side of this comfy boot, adding just a tiny bit of frill. This decoratively embellished boot doesn't skimp on comfort, either. A twinface sheepskin lining and UGGpure™ wool insole are plush and warm, meant to keep the chill out on even the coldest days. The Pala has a Treadlite by UGG™ sole and is pre-treated against moisture and stains, so it's ready for those days when playtime gets a little rambunctious. Classic with a sweet twist, the Pala is perfect for adding a pretty little detail to any look.

The UGG Kids Pala is $139.95*.

UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II

UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II in Black

The UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II in Black. Also available in Grey and Chestnut.

A true classic, the UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II is the ultimate in easy, go-to style. The Bailey Button is an UGG standard, and with its sweetly simple nature, it's not hard to understand why. This boot is made with UGG's twinface sheepskin, meant to keep feet warm and toasty without overheating. An UGGpure™ wool-lined foam insole is soft and cozy, while a Treadlite by UGG™ sole is lightweight and shock-absorbing. This tall boot can keep little legs cozy from toes to knees, or the signature buttons can be undone and the shaft cuffed down to show off the plush interior. We've talked about the difference between the UGG Kids Classics and the new UGG Kids Classic II line here on the blog before, but just in case you forgot, the essential feature is that the Classic II boots are pre-treated against moisture and stains.

The UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II is $184.95*.

For a Bold Personality

Some little youngsters are born to stand out. They love bright things and being the center of attention, and these bold personalities need a shoe as standout as they are.

UGG Kids Mini Bailey Bow II

UGG Kids Mini Bailey Bow II in Pink Azalea

The UGG Kids Mini Bailey Bow II in Pink Azalea. Also available in Black and Chestnut.

For a low profile boot that packs a big punch, the UGG Kids Mini Bailey Bow II in pink azalea is a perfect choice. Like all of the Kids Classic II boots, the Mini Bailey Bow II features twinface sheepskin pre-treated against moisture and stains and a Treadlite by UGG™ sole that's lightweight and durable. A sweet fixed bow on the back adds an adorable bit of a detail to this short boot.

The UGG Kids Mini Bailey Bow II is $134.95*.

UGG Kids Bailey Button II Stars

UGG Kids Bailey Button II Stars in Nocturn

The UGG Kids Bailey Button II Stars in Nocturn. Also available in Brambleberry.

If you've got a youngster whose style is out of this world, the UGG Kids Bailey Button II Stars boot is sure to become the star of their closet. They will, of course, like its comfortable twinface sheepskin and soft insole, but they'll love the astronomical print on these cozy boots. You'll love these boots because they're easy to get on and off, and they're pre-treated to protect against water damage so there are no worries that your tot's brand-new boots will get ruined on their first wear.

The UGG Kids Bailey Button II Stars is $129.95*.

UGG Kids Classic Short II Fringe

UGG Kids Classic Short II Fringe in Gold

The UGG Kids Classic Short II Fringe in Gold. Also available in Black and Chestnut.

Boho pizzazz, a metallic finish: this UGG Kids Classic Short II Fringe has it all. With the easy on, easy off comfort of the Classic Short boot and the highest standard of UGG comfort, this boot is meant for keeping little ones cozy in style. Add in some eye-catching upgrades like two layers of fringe and a bright metallic color and this boot is ready to dazzle. Upgrade any fearlessly original kid's closet with these Classic Short II Fringe boots and watch them shine.

The UGG Kids Classic Short II Fringe is $149.95*.

For the Well-Styled Wonder Kid

Sometimes an outfit needs a little something extra. Whether it's in need of a little dressing up or a little added protection, these boots are the perfect finishing touch to any look.

UGG Kids Butte II Camo

UGG Kids Butte II Camo in Brindle

The UGG Kids Butte II Camo in Brindle.

Keep the elements out in style with the UGG Kids Butte II Camo! A cool camo print and a bright pop of yellow add some serious style to this popular winter boot. With an UGGpure™ wool lining, you know that the Butte II will keep your child's feet nice and toasty warm, and waterproof leather will also keep out the ice and snow so their feet stay totally dry all day. In treacherously slick conditions, the rubber sole designed for traction will help keep your kid from slipping and sliding. These boots are made to keep little ones safe and warm all winter long.

The UGG Kids Butte II Camo is $129.95*.

UGG Kids Neumel II Waterproof

UGG Kids Neumel II Waterproof in Charcoal

The UGG Kids Neumel II Waterproof in Charcoal. Also available in Grizzly.

Some days there's just nothing like slipping on your comfiest outfit and rocking it, and you know that your kid loves it too! Let them sport a little athleisure style with the UGG Kids Neumel II Waterproof. This tiny version of the adult classic is perfect for winter weather. It's totally cozy with a sheepskin lining and an UGGpure™ wool insole lining. Seam-sealed construction and waterproof leather mean that when the weather outside gets frightful, tiny tots' toes will stay dry all day. Keep your child totally chill in this relaxed and robust chukka boot.

The UGG Kids Neumel II Waterproof is $129.95*.

UGG Kids Cindy

UGG Kids Cindy in Chestnut

The UGG Kids Cindy in Chestnut. Also available in Black.

There are Classic boots, and then there are Classic reboots. The UGG Kids Cindy is an updated version of UGG's Classic style, meant to bring a little sleek sass to the design. Rivets along the collar add an element of interest to this simple and stylish boot, and a little fringe tassel is an eye-catching yet understated detail. With a Treadlite by UGG™ sole and UGGpure™ wool lining, this boot isn't just cute, it's also ready to work.

The UGG Kids Cindy is $149.95*.

UGG Kids Kaila

UGG Kids Kaila in Black

The UGG Kids Kaila in Black.

The UGG Kids Kaila brings a tough edge to a soft classic. UGG's take on a moto boot for kids brings together elements of the Classic with trendy trappings. This leather boot still features everything you expect from UGG: sheepskin lining, a Treadlite by UGG™ sole, an UGGpure™ wool insole. However, this boot also features stylin' functional buckle and strap detailing. Plus, zippers on both sides of this boot mean that the Kaila is the easiest boot ever to slip on and off.

The UGG Kids Kaila is $169.95*.

For Little Tykes

Older kids aren't the only ones who can rock UGG looks this holiday season! UGG has styles for toddlers (and even a limited number of styles for infants!), too. Dress up your favorite tot in one of these sweet styles.

UGG Toddlers Classic Short II Rainbow

UGG Toddlers Classic Short II Rainbow in Chestnut

The UGG Toddlers Classic Short II Rainbow in Chestnut. Also available in Pink Azalea.

The UGG Toddlers Classic Short II Rainbow adds a fun, playful element to the classic UGG look. Rainbow coloring at the top and bottom seams adds a touch of whimsical cuteness to the instantly recognizable UGG silhouette. This iconic style is coupled with the instantly recognizable UGG comfort features as well, including a sheepskin lining, a Treadlite by UGG™ sole, and an UGGpure™ wool-lined insole. Spruce up any outfit in your child's closet with this colorful classic.

The UGG Toddlers Classic Short II Rainbow is $109.95*.

UGG Toddlers Bailey Bow II

UGG Toddlers Bailey Bow II in Pink Azalea/Ice Blue

The UGG Toddlers Bailey Bow II in Pink Azalea/Ice Blue. Also available in BlackChestnutChestnut/Pink Azalea, and Grey.

The Bailey Bow is an ever-popular style, and we think this shrunk down version will be just as well received! The UGG Toddlers Bailey Bow II is a miniaturized version of the women's Bailey Bow II, and it features all the durability upgrades of the women's New Classics. The twinface sheepskin and wool-lined insole haven't gone anywhere, but now these boots will remain intact in the face of damp days thanks to a pre-treatment. This toddler's version of the Bailey Bow also features a darling upgrade: two complementary bow colors! This neat detail adds just a touch of elevated styling to this simple boot.

The UGG Toddlers Bailey Bow II is $129.95*.

UGG Toddlers Gita

UGG Toddlers Gita in Metallic Silver

The UGG Toddlers Gita in Metallic Silver. Also available in Metallic GoldBlack, and Chestnut.

This icy metallic is the perfect winter style! The soft and sweet UGG Toddlers Gita is a boot that blends cool colors and warm interiors perfectly. Your child will have the flashiest feet with the Gita in metallic silver featuring eye-catching pom-poms, and you can rest easy knowing their toes are warm and protected thanks to UGG's warm twinface sheepskin and a Treadlite by UGG™ sole. Pre-treated to protect against water damage, you know this is a boot that can stand up to winter adventures.

The UGG Toddlers Gita is $119.95*.

Check a few little one's names off your list by shopping this guide, and know that you're gifting something that's cool and useful! Little kids always need new shoes, so help their parents out this holiday season by giving them a pair of stylish kicks. Don't see anything on our list that's perfect for your favorite munchkin? Don't worry! You can check out all of our stylish children's shoes on our website.

From mountain men to fabulous fashionistas to wonder kids, shoes are a gift sure to satisfy everyone on your list. If you haven't already visited our Holiday Gift Guide for Him and our Holiday Gift Guide for Her, now is the perfect time to do so! If you've already read them all, let us know if you have any suggestions for future gift guides! How can we make them as helpful as possible?

With that we're wrapping up (get it?) this year's gift guide series. We hope that your holiday shopping is as painless as possible and that your holiday season is merry and bright!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (11/21/2017)