Product Spotlight: Dansko Olinda Collection

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 16th Mar 2018

Product Spotlight: Dansko Olinda Collection

Looking for a unique addition to your warm-weather wardrobe? Look no further than Dansko’s Olinda collection! These sandals are handcrafted in Brazil and offer an eclectically elegant look perfect for the woman who was born to stand out. With three different styles available, this limited edition collection is sure to offer something for just about everyone.

About the Collection

Olinda is the name of the second-oldest city in Brazil. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in the state of Pernambuca, a state with a strong tradition of leather working. The influence of the creative and vibrant culture of Brazil is evident in these sandals, from their lively colors to their decorative stitching.

A molded PU footbed gives these shoes that unbeatable Dansko comfort while chunky heels made of real wood offer added style and height. As an added bonus, chunky heels mean that the height of the heel won’t hinder your balance or mobility. The individually hand-nailed construction of each of these shoes ensures that they are built to last and that no two pairs are exactly alike. Your new sandals from the Dansko Olinda collection are unique to you!


Dansko Octavia in Brown Tumbled Calf                       Dansko Octavia in Black Tumbled Calf

Left: Dansko Octavia in Brown Tumbled Calf. Right: Dansko Octavia in Black Tumbled Calf.

The most understated piece of this collection is the Octavia. This sandal features a full coverage upper and an adjustable ankle strap to keep your foot securely in the shoe without sacrificing style. The large buckle, decoratively large stitching, and metal rivets add a subdued flair to the Octavia. This sandal is perfect for grounding some of the hottest up and coming trends like rompers or 70s’ inspired color palettes.

The fabulous Octavia is $199.95.*


Dansko Odele in Denim Metallic

Dansko Odele in Denim Metallic.

The Odele is meant to shine. Literally! This denim metallic sandal is an eye-catching addition to any warm weather outfit, and the decorative stitching really kicks the style up another notch. With a strap just over the forefoot and an adjustable ankle strap, this sandal offers your foot a bit more room to soak up the sun than the full coverage Octavia. The returning trend of wide legged pants is the ideal companion to this fabulous footwear. Try a thin-strapped tank top with a pair of cropped wide leg jeans to really draw attention to these statement shoes.

The striking Odele is $18.95.*


Dansko Oralee in Multi Waxy

Dansko Oralee in Waxy Multi.

The most vibrant piece of the Olinda collection, the Oralee features multiple colored leathers and show-stopping cutouts to steal the spotlight. This fabulous style also offers slip-on ease with a buckle on the forefoot to allow for secure wearing. Metal rivets and decorative stitching add an extra dash of pizzazz to this stand-out shoe! Flowing maxi- or midi-skirts and peasant blouses are the perfect summer styles for the Oralee. Stick to earthy tones for an especially cool look.

The colorful Oralee is $189.95.*

The Olinda collection is built to show off the fine art of shoemaking, and we think it’s totally succeeded in its mission. Each piece in this collection is a work of art! You’ll love having these sandals in your closet: they’ll bring the Dansko comfort while offering unique style. Freshen up your spring and summer wardrobe with this limited edition collection!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (03/16/2018)