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What's the Difference Between the Dansko Pro XP and the Dansko XP 2.0?

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What's the Difference Between the Dansko Pro XP and the Dansko XP 2.0?

If you spend your workdays on your feet, you probably know Dansko’s clogs. Restaurant workers, nurses, retail workers, teachers, and many, many other on-the-go, on-your-feet professionals turn to these ultra-functional clogs to keep their feet happy and healthy. This year, Dansko is releasing a new update to their Dansko Pro XP clog, the Dansko XP 2.0. If you’re a fan of the Pro XP, you might be wondering what Dansko could possibly change to try to improve it. If you’re not a fan, the XP 2.0 might just be perfect for you! Either way, you’re probably wondering: what are the differences between the Dansko Pro XP and the Dansko XP 2.0?

Dansko Pro XP

Dansko Pro XP in Black Cabrio            Dansko Pro XP in Silver Ornate Patent

Left: Dansko Pro XP in Black Cabrio. Right: Dansko Pro XP in Silver Ornate Patent. Also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Dansko released the Pro XP clog to address some of the most often received complaints about the original Professional. The Pro XP has a memory foam footbed, making it a more cushioned option than its predecessor. The footbed is also removable, allowing you to replace it with custom orthotics if you want or need to. The Pro XP has a slimmer profile than the original, but it’s still got the roomy toe box and rocker bottom that Dansko devotees know and love. Dansko also upgraded the sole of the Pro XP to a slip-resistant rubber!

For many people the Pro XP was exactly what they needed to get on board with Dansko. The slimmer profile offered a cleaner, less clunky look, and the cushioning and customizability of the footbed made it an unbeatable option for anyone who had been put off by the extremely firm footbed of the original Professional clog. The Pro XP’s variations on the Professional also made the Pro XP clog significantly lighter. If you hadn’t found Dansko clogs appealing before, the Pro XP upgrades might just be enough to change your mind.

Dansko XP 2.0

Dansko XP 2.0 in Black Pull-Up Leather         Dansko XP 2.0 in Black Floral Tooled Patent

Left: Dansko XP 2.0 in Black Pull-Up Leather. Right: Dansko XP 2.0 in Black Floral Tooled Patent.

This year, Dansko has released the XP 2.0, a work-ready clog with everything you already know and love about the Pro XP, plus a few minor tweaks. Don’t worry, Dansko hasn’t changed the slim silhouette, rocker bottom, or slip-resistant sole! The two biggest changes in this shoe involve its weight and footbed. While the Pro XP was lighter than the Professional, it was still pretty heavy. The XP 2.0 has an EVA midsole, a more lightweight midsole material than previously used in Dansko clogs, making the XP 2.0 the lightest Dansko clog ever! You’ll have absolutely no worries about fatigue from a heavy shoe with the XP 2.0. Dansko has also upgraded the footbed in a major way. The Pro XP featured a memory foam footbed for unbelievably comfortable cushioning, and the XP 2.0 has taken that incredibly soft footbed and added Dansko Natural Arch™ technology to it. Dansko’s Natural Arch™ is a TPU arch stabilizer designed to bring even better arch support to a shoe already renowned for its supportiveness!

Now, if you’re worried that the change made to the footbed means you won’t be able to get your custom orthotics in the XP 2.0 clog, you’ll be happy to know that the new footbed is still fully removable. Like we said, the major changes to the Pro XP in the XP 2.0 involve tweaks, not overhauls. If the Pro XP was almost perfect for you, the few changes Dansko has introduced in the XP 2.0 might be just enough to make it your new workwear go-to!

Whether you’re a diehard Professionals fan, a Work Wonders by Dansko convert, or a Pro XP lover, you know that Dansko offers the most comfortable shoes for long days on your feet. If you’ve never taken the Dansko plunge, now is the perfect time to try! With so many clog lines available, you can be sure that you’ll find one you love, and you can also be sure that Dansko will keep working to improve their comfort and functionality. Dansko is an innovative company that’s been improving footwear since it was founded, so you can rest assured that your Danskos will always be as comfortable as they can be!

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