Trick or Treat Yourself: Frighteningly Fantastic Footwear

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 27th Oct 2017

Trick or Treat Yourself: Frighteningly Fantastic Footwear

It was a dark and stormy Friday night. The wind howled against your bedroom window, a draft blowing through the cracks and across your bare toes. You approached the closet with a growing sense of unease, and as you cracked open the closet door you felt a presence. There, in a heap in the dark depths of the back of your closet, lurked the ghosts of shoe trends long since dead. You're haunted by Crocs bought in the early '00s and that one pair of boots that you totally love but that were never actually comfortable enough to wear.

This might not be the spookiest ghost story you’ll read this season, but it is the most likely to happen to you. After all, who hasn’t been haunted by the ghosts of old fashion choices? Luckily, clearing away these ghosts won’t take any priests or holy water, just a good old-fashioned closet cleaning. Once they’re gone, you’ll have plenty of room to trick or treat yourself to some “boo-tiful” new shoes!

Sorel Women's PDX Wedge

Sorel PDX Wedge in Black

The Sorel Women's PDX Wedge in Black. Also available in Dark Grey.

We’ve all seen a horror movie or two. We know that there’s always that one girl who breaks the heel off her shoe or slips and falls in her impractical footwear, and then she’s toast. If only she had been wearing the Sorel Women’s PDX Wedge. This wedge boot manages to be both totally practical and totally stylish all at once. No need to fear snapped off heels or slick-surface slipping: the PDX Wedge has a sturdy polyurethane wedge heel and a molded rubber sole with incredible grippy traction. Waterproof leather will keep your feet dry no matter the circumstances, but a textile contrast adds an interesting textural element to the boot. A removable molded EVA foam footbed with added arch support will keep your feet comfortable whether you’re on a casual stroll or running for your life.

The Sorel Women’s PDX Wedge is $200.00*.

The PDX Wedge is the ultra-versatile boot you need this fall. Striking buffalo plaid makes a bold statement with all-black outfits, especially black dresses and tights combos, but this boot would look just as good with black skinny jeans and a red sweater.

UGG Women's Pala

UGG Women's Pala in Black

The UGG Women's Pala in Black. Also available in ChestnutCordovan, and Seal.

UGG boots and cool days go together like Halloween and candy corn: one without the other just doesn’t make sense. Any UGG boot is a great choice, but we’re really loving the UGG Women’s Pala currently. UGG has given their Classic silhouette a sweetly feminine update with satin corset lacing up the side finished off with a cute fixed bow that you don’t have to worry about tying. You already know how great UGG’s boots are, but just in case you’ve forgotten their key features we’ll remind you. The Pala boot is made of twin-face sheepskin with an UGGpure™ wool insole. For added comfort there’s also added arch support in this super comfy boot. On the outside of the Pala, you’ll find nylon bindings and a Treadlite by UGG™ sole.

The UGG Women’s Pala is $209.95*.

UGG recommends contrasting this darling boot with edgier looks, and a strong contrast in your look is totally on-trend. We also like the idea of playing up the sweetness and coziness of the Pala boot, matching it with skinny jeans and a cozy crewneck sweater.

UGG Men’s Neumel Hyperweave

UGG Men's Neumel Hyperweave

The UGG Men's Neumel Hyperweave in Flag Red. Also available in Black and Charcoal.

Orange and black might be the official colors of Halloween, but there’s another color you’ll find popping up all over the Halloween season: red. From the fake blood on your vampire costume to candy apples, red is the color of some of our favorite festivities. It’s also the color of one of our favorite shoes for fall, the UGG Men’s Neumel Hyperweave! With the temperature dropping around All Hallow’s Eve, staying warm and cozy is a top priority, and the super-comfortable, hyper-casual boot-sneaker hybrid of the Neumel fits the bill perfectly. This versatile chukka is made of breathable wool, so you can stay warm without worrying about sweat. An UGGpure™ wool insole lining is also meant to help with climate control on the interior of this shootie. With FlexFit stability and a Treadlite by UGG™ sole, the Neumel Hyperweave is perfect for keeping you comfortable even when you’re on the go!

The UGG Men’s Neumel Hyperweave is $149.95*.

A boot this cozy and casual calls for a look to match. Joggers and sweatshirts or relaxed jeans and jackets are a scary good match for the comfy Neumel.

Sperry Men’s Avenue Wool Duck Boot

Sperry Men's Avenue Wool Duck Boot in Grey

The Sperry Men's Avenue Wool Duck Boot in Grey.

Whether it’s a thick fog rolling in off the sea or a storm blowing down over the horizon, there’s just something about wet weather that screams “spooky” to us. Yes, these wet and dreary days are the perfect setting for a scary story, but they’re less-than-perfect for your feet. Who wants cold, wet shoes all day? Have no fear; the Sperry Men’s Avenue Wool Duck Boot will protect you! A seam-sealed, thermal-lined wool upper will keep out the cold, and a waterproof shell keeps out the damp. Strong woven laces mean you can pull this duck boot on tight, so there’s no fear of accidentally walking out of it. The non-marking rubber sole is enhanced with lugs and Wave-Siping™ for extreme traction in extreme conditions. Whether you’re hunting monsters on the moors or just running errands in the rain, the Avenue Wool Duck Boot will serve you well. (And, of course, the Sperry Women's Saltwater is the women's version of this wet weather battle armor, so neither men nor women need be left unprotected from the elements.)

The Sperry Men’s Avenue Wool Duck Boot is $109.95*.

A sensible boot requires a sensible outfit, but sensibility doesn’t preclude stylishness! Your Sperry duck boot will go perfectly with a pair of jeans, an elbow-patch sweater, and a raincoat to keep you warm and dry when the weather is frightful.

The time has come to exorcise the old shoe trends from your closet. Those shoes you’ve had since college, the boots you bought two years ago that never quite fit right — you’ll be happier when they’ve passed into the light (or into the arms of your favorite local donation center!) and you can get some new shoes that are actually suitable for you. Whether you need something to keep you on your feet while you trick or treat or something warm and cozy for sharing scary stories and hot cider, Englin’s Fine Footwear has you covered!

We’re serving up some frightfully fabulous fashion tips on Pinterest, but unlike the noises in the basement, this is one spooky scene you should definitely check out! If these treats for your feet don’t fit your taste, be sure to visit us in store or online to browse our whole selection of goodies.

Happy Halloween!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (10/27/2017)