We Love Cork Footbeds (And You Will, Too!)

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 12th Aug 2016

When most of us hear the word “cork,” we think of bulletin boards, wine bottle stoppers, or a county in Ireland. Did you know that many shoes also use cork in their footbeds? Lightweight and form-fitting, cork provides a dynamic “bounce” to your step because of its natural elasticity. Whether you’re already wearing shoes with cork footbeds and can attest to their comfort or you’re wondering why having cork in your shoes is such a big deal, let’s delve deeper into the benefits of walking on cork.

What is cork?

Most natural cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak, which is found near the Mediterranean. Cork is buoyant, elastic, and resistant to both water and fire. One thing we love about cork is that its production is generally considered environmentally-friendly. If the cork is harvested correctly, the tree it comes from is not destroyed, and will eventually re-grow its bark. Cork is also easily recyclable, and studies show that it leaves less of a carbon footprint than alternative materials.

Why cork footbeds?

  • Health: Cork has the ability to mold to the shape of the foot, creating healthy walking support for your feet. These orthopedic footbeds are designed to ensure proper weight distribution, improving posture and balance. Cork footbeds are also naturally elastic, which translates to less impact force and reduced joint stress.

  • Comfort: Cork is both lightweight and flexible, and as we discussed, it provides excellent shock absorption. One of our brands, Finn Comfort, compares the experience of their cork-infused footbeds to “walking barefoot in the sand.” Who doesn’t love that feeling?

  • Odor Resistance: Cork is also odor-resistant. Buying shoes with cork footbeds can help combat off-putting smells because the material helps prevent moisture buildup, allowing your feet to breathe. Never be embarrassed by foot odor again!

Which shoe brands use cork?

Now that you know all about shoes with cork footbeds, it’s time to try a pair! Several of our brands have embraced the benefits of cork and are proud to use it in their footbeds. We’re sure you’ll find a shoe with a cork footbed that is perfect for you.

Naot Pamela


Naot’s unique footbeds are made of cork, natural latex, and soft suede, and are designed to pamper your foot. Naot shoes come from Israel, where Naot means “oasis,” and they are sure to refresh and rejuvenate your tired feet. We offer a wide selection of women’s shoes and sandals from Naot, and they all feature a comfortable cork-based footbed.

Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed


If you’ve ever wondered how Birkenstock shoes have been around since 1774 and continue to rise in popularity, look no further than their footbeds. The longer you wear a pair of Birkenstocks, the more their contoured footbed molds to your foot, and the more comfortable the shoes become. Some Birkenstock styles even offer a special Soft Footbed, which adds an extra layer of cushioning foam to their already cozy Classic Footbed.

Finn Comfort Catalina

Finn Comfort

The experts at Finn Comfort believe that luxurious comfort is all about the details, and every aspect of their shoes is meticulously engineered for your best walking experience. The healthy support offered by Finn Comfort shoes has been touted by shoe lovers and health professionals the world over.

The next time you get the urge to buy a new pair of shoes (which, if you love shoes as much as we do, will be soon!) try out the comfort of a cork footbed. If you need a shoe that corrects posture, lasts for years, and provides all day comfort, check out NaotBirkenstockFinn Comfort, or one of our other great brands that incorporates cork. The health benefits alone make it a worthy purchase, and you’ll enjoy that “walking barefoot in the sand” feeling all day long. It’s like a vacation for your feet!