What's the Difference Between the UGG Children's Classic and the New UGG Children's Classic II?

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 2nd Nov 2017

What's the Difference Between the UGG Children's Classic and the New UGG Children's Classic II?

Child-sized versions of things originally made for adults are always an enticing buy. They're just so darn adorable! A tiny shoe has been known to elicit the occasional high-pitched "squee" here in the Englin's Fine Footwear Internet Office, and we bet some of you have had the same reaction. Most of the time for us, those tiny, "squee"-inducing shoes are from UGG. Did you know that UGG has a huge selection of kids' shoes? It's true! From fashion styles and rain boots to their Classic silhouettes, there's an UGG Children's shoe for every kid.

One little problem: we've all known someone who got caught in the rain or slipped through a slushy road salt and ice mixture in their UGG Classics, then boom! Instant stains and water damage. Even the most careful people can get caught unawares, and children aren't always the most careful people. That can make investing in an UGG Classic for a kid seem like an unwise choice. Luckily, that's no longer the case!

You may remember that last year UGG introduced the new Classic II line, featuring the Classic silhouettes with new durability upgrades. This year, they're introducing the Classic II line for kids! These cute and tiny boots for kids are now ready to stand up to even the roughest of playtimes.

Pretreated Against Water Damage

Like the UGG Women's Classic II boots, the Children's Classic II boots come pretreated to protect against moisture and stains. There's no need to fear that an impulsive dive into a pile of snow will destroy your kid's boots, so they can rock their new UGG boots no matter the weather! To keep your kid's new Children's Classic II boots in the best condition, you still want to make sure that you clean them regularly, especially in the winter when the roads are salty. As time goes on, the pretreating spray will wear off, so it's important to ensure that you re-treat the boots with the UGG Care & Cleaning Kit if they start to show wear.

Treadlite by UGG™ Sole

The new Classic II boots now also feature a Treadlite by UGG™ sole. These soles are made of rubber, a material that won't break down quickly and that has a natural bounce that adds comfort to each step. The Treadlite by UGG™ sole is also designed for superior traction, so you know that your kid will stay upright in even the most slippery conditions. These new soles also offer a whole host of other great features, which you can learn about in our What is Treadlite by UGG™? blog post!


Along with all of the excellent durability upgrades, the new Children's Classic II has also brought about a change in sizing for UGG's offerings for children. While the sizes themselves haven't changed, the classifications have. Where before they had Infants, Toddlers, Little Kids, and Big Kids or Youth size categories, they've now condensed their labels. Little Kids and Big Kids have now been combined into a Kids sizing category. This takes the number of children's size categories from 4 to 3, making it easier than ever to find the right size!

Now, "easier than ever" can still be a tiny bit complicated, so we're going to break the sizes down even further. Infants sizes in UGG footwear are 0/1, 2/3, and 4/5. They're shoes that are intended for babies less than a year old. Toddlers shoes are the next largest set of sizes. In UGG footwear, Toddlers sizes are sizes 6 to 12, and they're intended for children from 1 to 5 years old. The final children's size category is Kids. The sizes in the Kids category are size 13 and then sizes 1 to 6. Kids sizes are meant for kids from 6 to 10 years old.

A word to the wise: there are UGG styles that don't separate Toddlers and Kids sizes. For example, the UGG Kids' Cardy II is available in sizes 8 - 13 and sizes 1 - 6, but all of the sizes are listed on the same UGG Kids' Cardy II page. If you're searching for a particular style for a toddler and don't see an UGG Toddlers version, double check that the sizes aren't available under an UGG Kids version of the style.

One final quick tip for adults with small feet: adding two to children's sizes equals a women's size, so, for example, a children's 6 is a women's 8. If certain kids-only styles (or prices!) are appealing to you, you might be able to get yourself a pair!

UGG New Children's Classic II Faves

Now that you're armed with new knowledge about UGG's updates to their children's selections, are you ready to buy a pint-sized pair for your favorite small person? You can check out a few of our faves here, or browse all of our adorable UGG offerings for kids at!

UGG Kids' Mini Bailey Bow II

Children's Mini Bailey Bow II in Black

The UGG Kids' Mini Bailey Bow II in Black. Also available in Chestnut and Pink Azalea.

The iconic silhouette with a sweet bow, the Mini Bailey Bow II is the perfect companion to your little girl's favorite comfy cold weather outfits!

The UGG Kids' Mini Bailey Bow II is $134.95*.

UGG Toddlers' Classic Short II Rainbow

UGG Toddlers' Classic Short II Rainbow in Chestnut

The UGG Toddlers' Classic Short II Rainbow in Chestnut. Also available in Pink Azalea.

A twist on a classic! The UGG Classic Short II shape with rainbow coloring added at the seams, just meant for adding a cute touch of color to any outfit.

The UGG Toddlers' Classic Short II Rainbow is $109.95*.

UGG Kids' Bailey Button Triplet II

UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet II in Chestnut

The UGG Kids' Bailey Button Triplet II in Chestnut. Also available in Black and Grey.

Keep little legs warm from toes to knees with the Bailey Button Triplet II.This cute tall boot can be worn at its full height or cuffed to show off the fur lining inside, making the Bailey Button Triplet II a versatile wardrobe addition.

The UGG Kids' Bailey Button Triplet II is $184.95*.

UGG Kids' Cardy II

UGG Kids' Cardy II in Grey

The UGG Kids' Cardy II in Grey. Also available in Black.

Like a knit sweater for your kid's feet, the UGG Kids' Cardy II is a cozy knit addition to any closet. With a cute sweater and jeans, these boots will make your kid the coziest on the block.

The UGG Kids' Cardy II is $124.95*.

UGG children's shoes offer big comfort for little feet, and now you can rest assured knowing that your UGG purchase will survive the experience of childhood with the new Classic II updates. From durability to sizing, these new UGG offerings simplify the process of finding and purchasing quality children's shoes. All of the Classic styles you loved before are now available with the Classic II features, so be sure to visit us in stores or at to see the whole collection of shoes!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (11/02/2017)