Why Do I Need Arctic Grip Technology?

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 11th Jan 2019

Not all fitness related New Year's Resolutions have to involve the gym. If you're like us and you live in a climate that gets cold, you may be thinking “No way! There’s snow, and ice outside!” We have the perfect solution to that! With Merrell Arctic Grip snow and ice boots, you can confidently trek over any slick wintery surface and conquer winter. 

About Arctic Grip Technology:

Arctic Grip™ Technology by Merrell is the most advanced cold weather gripping system ever created by Vibram®. This technology is specifically designed for unparalleled traction while trekking on wet ice. The thermochromatic lugs on the sole of the boots change colors to signal icy conditions. With its best in class lug design, you can have confidence through winter's harshest conditions! 

How it works:

In the outsole of a Merrell Arctic Grip boot, you'll see deep lugs. What are lugs? Glad you asked! They're deep indentations in the sole of the shoe that help with gripping on slippery surfaces. These lugs are formed with a rubber compound that has a filler system that ensures maximum stability on every surface. The lugs on the bottom of these boots can tell you if the weather has dropped below freezing. When the temperature dips below the freezing level, the color changing thermochromatic lugs will turn blue. When they're blue, the ground is below 32 degrees. These deep lugs help to make ice seem as if it isn't even there and ensure the most traction on any slippery surface.


In 2016, Merrell's Arctic Grip™ was awarded Best in Show by GearJunkie at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. This is because the Vibram® soles have 3 times more gripping power than any other outsole on wet ice and slick surfaces. Merrell knows that where there's snow, there's bound to be ice. That's why Arctic Grip outsoles have over two years of research, design, and testing to ensure that you have the best waterproof snow boots on the market to avoid preventable falls. 

Where to wear:

Don't let anything get in the way of your outdoor activities this winter, especially not snow and ice. If you want to get active without being cooped up inside, we suggest going on a walk at your nearest National Park or on your local walking trail. Maybe it's raining and you prefer to be inside; if that's the case, find your nearest mall and accomplish your fitness goals by taking a walk inside the temperature controlled mall.

Are you ready to get outside and hack winter? Pick out a pair and put winter's harshest conditions to the test!

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