Holiday Heroes Need Better Shoes

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 22nd Dec 2017

Holiday Heroes Need Better Shoes

Imagine, if you will, an elf shoe. What comes to mind? We're thinking of something brightly colored, curly-toed, probably made of felt, and featuring at least one if not more jingle bells. Imagine Kris Kringle, the big man himself, out making his Christmas Eve deliveries in old-fashioned black leather boots: no waterproofing technology, no insulation, and no traction. We say enough is enough! It's time our holiday heroes of all shapes and sizes wear footwear designed for their jobs. Stay comfortable and safe with our work-ready recommendations.

For All of Santa's Elves

From building the toys to packing the sleigh, elves spend a lot of time on their feet. Those curly-toed shoes might fit the aesthetic, but they certainly don't provide much support or protection. It's time for the elves to upgrade to a shoe designed with diligent workers in mind.

 Dansko Professional

Dansko Professional in Garnet Patent

Dansko Professional in Garnet Patent. Also available in a variety of other colors and materials.

When you're working in a toy factory, you spend a lot of time on your feet assembling parts, testing toys, and wrapping boxes. Prevent foot fatigue with a Dansko Professional clog. Easy-to-clean leather means that when toy making gets messy, the grime will wipe right away, and the rocker bottom is specifically built to decrease foot weariness. A contoured midsole provides firm support for the arch, and the roomy toe box leaves plenty of wiggle room. With shock absorption comparable to athletic footwear, Dansko's clogs are perfect for the worker who never stops. Plus, all of Santa's elves will love the variety of colors available.

Of course, Santa's elves aren't the only holiday heroes who can benefit from a pair of Dansko Professional clogs. The doctors and nurses who work Christmas shifts to watch over their patients and the emergency vets who rescue your dog after he eats a turkey bone also need comfortable and protective footwear.

Dansko Professional clogs are between $104.95 and $134.95*.

For the Big Man Himself

Jolly old Saint Nicholas has been making his Christmas Eve flight for countless years, undaunted by inclement weather making his flight hard or explosive population growth exponentially increasing its length. Mr. Claus, it's time you had some boots that are up to the task at hand.

ECCO Men's Rugged Track GTX High

ECCO Men's Rugged Track GTX High in Black Pull Up Black Nubuck

The ECCO Men's Rugged Track GTX High in Black Pull Up Black Yabuck. Also available in Bison Pull Up Mocha Yabuck.

We're not suggesting a wild deviation from tradition. These ECCO Men's Rugged Track GTX High boots are classically designed; the perfect companion to Santa's classic red suit, but they also feature some advanced performance features perfect for tackling his historic flight. These boots feature waterproof leather, perfect for keeping out the snow and slush. RECEPTOR® technology in the latex rubber sole provides multi-surface traction so there's no roof-slipping incidents à la The Santa Clause. A leather inlay with the ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ ensures that these boots are totally comfortable all day...err, night...long.

Santa's helpers can also use these incredible boots. No, not the elves, the dedicated delivery drivers working long hours to deliver your online orders in time for Christmas. The same rugged protection that can help Santa make his big night easier is just as useful for those making less magical deliveries.

The ECCO Men's Rugged Track GTX High is $249.95*.

Hardworking holiday heroes need shoes that can keep up with their workday wear and tear. These recommendations might be just a little too late for this holiday season, but they're something to keep in mind when gearing up for next year. Whether it's rugged-and-ready boots for making deliveries, comfy clogs for staying on your feet all day, or something else entirely that you need, Englin's Fine Footwear is here to help you find the perfect pair of shoes.

*All prices valid as of the posting date (12/22/2017)