The 3 Must-Have Timberlands

Published by Englin's Fine Footwear on 22nd Nov 2016

Trendy, yet tough—that's the best way to describe Timberland boots and shoes. Timberland boots are built for work and play, for the jobsite and the wild outdoors. Looking great? That's just a bonus. Timberlands have recently seen a steady rise in popularity, most notably among celebrities: From runway models like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne to popular performers like Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and Kanye West, the Timberland is a favorite among style icons.

Whether you want to make a fashion statement or just keep your feet safe in treacherous conditions, Timberland boots have you covered. These boots are some of our hottest items for the holiday season, so be sure to pick up a pair for everyone on your list! Below we've highlighted some of our most popular Timberland boots to keep your feet and your fashion sense happy.

Timberland 6" Premium Boot for Men and Women

Timberland Men's 6-Inch Premium in Wheat Nubuck             Timberland Women's 6-Inch Premium in Wheat Nubuck

Left: Men's Timberland 6" Premium Boot in Wheat Nubuck. Also available in Black Full Grain and Black Nubuck.

Right: Women's Timberland 6" Premium Boot in Wheat Nubuck. Also available in Black Nubuck and Greige Nubuck.

When most people think of Timberland boots, this is the one they picture. Sleek and simple, the Timberland 6" Premium Boot for Men and Women has been making its mark on the fashion world since 1973. Originally called the "Timberland", this boot was such a hit that it soon lent its name to the company as a whole. Forty years later, this legendary boot has continuously toed the line between fashion and function, creating a unique niche that few other footwear options can fill. The Timberland 6" Premium in Wheat Nubuck, referred to as the Original Yellow Boot, is still a bestseller and the most popular colorway.

The iconic Timberland 6" Premium Boot is crafted from the finest waterproof leathers and seam-sealed to keep feet cozy and dry. A padded collar cushions the ankle while a rubber lugged outsole provides traction and steadfast durability even on hazardous terrain. When it's chilly outside, the 6" Premium offers PrimaLoft® ECO insulation for unbeatable warmth and comfort. Anti-fatigue technology built into this versatile boot's insole makes it a treat to wear all day, providing shock absorption and energy return for long hours on your feet. 100% recycled laces tie the look together. The Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot is available in both  men's and women's versions, so the whole family can enjoy classic Timberland style. We also offer the women's Timberland 6-Inch Premium Fleece-Lined, a variant with a plush fleece interior.

Timberland Authentics Teddy Fleece Fold-Down for Women

Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down in Winter White Nubuck

Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down in Winter White Nubuck. Also available in Black Full-GrainMidnight Blue Full-GrainTaupe NubuckTobacco Full-Grain, and Wheat Nubuck

Cozy yet sleek, the Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down offers the sweetness of a fleece lining combined with an outdoor-inspired upper of full-grain leather or nubuck and suede. The shaft of the boot can be folded down to reveal the soft and woolly interior or worn upright for a simple, streamlined look, making the Teddy Fleece Fold-Down an adaptable fashion piece to pair with your cool-weather outfits. Waterproof leather and an additional waterproof membrane keep feet dry without sacrificing comfort, and an EVA midsole provides cushioning and support where you need it most. As rugged and durable as it is stylish, this boot boasts rustproof hardware and a tough rubber lug outsole with high-traction tread. Laces made from 100% PET (recycled plastic bottles) continue the Timberland tradition of protecting the environment however possible.

Standing tall, the Teddy Fleece Fold-Down's shaft height is 6½ inches; folded down, it's closer to 4½ inches. This lovely boot pairs well with skinny jeans or leggings when the cuff is rolled, but can easily go under bootcut or boyfriend jeans when worn upright. However you choose to wear it, the Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down is both trendy and timeless.

Read more about the Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down and pick up some style tips in our blog, "7 New Boots and How to Wear Them."

Timberland Earthkeepers Original Leather 6" for Men

Timberland Earthkeepers Original Leather 6 Inch in Red Brown Burnished

Timberland Earthkeepers Original Leather 6" in Red Brown Burnished. Also available in Dark Brown Oiled Nubuck and Mulch Full-Grain.

The aptly named Timberland Earthkeepers are perhaps the best representation of this company's heart and soul. With an exceptional amount of recycled and organic content, Earthkeepers reflect Timberland's dedication to producing quality footwear with as little environmental impact as possible. The upper of full-grain leather is at least 50% sourced from a tannery that achieved a silver rating or higher for eco-friendliness. The cozy lining is made entirely from PET, or recycled plastic bottles, which keeps this waste from ending up in a landfill or worse. Laces of 100% organic cotton ensure that croplands were not poisoned with chemicals in the making of this boot. Its durable lug sole is at least 34% recycled rubber and provides optimal traction with its specially designed tread. A removable footbed with exclusive Timberland anti-fatigue technology will support and cushion your feet through many hours of wear.

The Timberland Earthkeepers Leather 6-Inch is a shining example of an environmentally friendly product that doesn't compromise on appearance or quality. These handsome boots will serve you well season after season, and you can be proud that you're doing your part to protect and preserve the Earth.

About Timberland

Founded in 1952 by shoemaker Nathan Swartz, Timberland was originally called the Abington Shoe Company. Nathan's venture soon became a family business when he brought in his two sons, Sidney and Herman. It was Sidney who introduced the original yellow "Timberland" boot in 1973, intending to provide a tough boot for hardworking New Englanders around the company's New Hampshire home. This boot's popularity among workers and fashion-minded folks alike soon led to the company's renaming, and thus, The Timberland Company was born. A Swartz family member remained at the Timberland helm all the way up until 2011, and the company has a long history of fair dealing, employee appreciation, and interest in social justice and environmental preservation that continues to this day.

These days, it seems harder than ever to find a big company with a conscience, but that's exactly what you get with Timberland. Eco-conscious and community-minded, Timberland is a global force for good. Not only do they make high-quality, long-lasting boots and shoes, they are committed to protecting the outdoors and keeping the Earth healthy and beautiful. It would take all day to list Timberland's many service projects and environmental efforts, but a few of the standouts include greening (planting trees in both urban areas like NYC and wilderness spaces like China's Horqin Desert), supporting agro-forestry in Haiti, and their Timberland Tires that are specially manufactured to be recycled into outsoles. Timberland also makes upholding and protecting workers' rights in their more than 300 factories a priority, and as a result, they've been repeatedly recognized as one of the world's best companies to work for.

Fast facts about Timberland's service and sustainability:

  • 233 MILLION plastic water bottles have been recycled into Timberland shoes
  • 8.7 MILLION trees planted all over the world in the last 15 years
  • 84% of Timberland footwear contained ROR (recycled, organic, or renewable) material in 2015*
  • 99% of leather sourced from Gold- or Silver-Rated (environmentally friendly) tanneries*
  • 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2006
  • Over 1 MILLION hours of community service, with 77% of Timberland employees involved
  • 40 paid hours for self-chosen volunteering to each and every full-time Timberland employee

*goal of 100% by 2020

Though they've already made tremendous progress, Timberland is not a company to rest on its laurels. They continually strive toward a set of admirable sustainability goals in order to keep the Earth green and their communities strong. Some of their 2020 goals include reducing energy use by 10%, using at least 50% energy from renewable sources, diverting 95% of their waste to be recycled, and arranging 11,000 community service projects—and these are just a few of the many lofty bars Timberland has set for themselves.

Whether you've come to Timberland because you want a tough and reliable work boot, because you want to flaunt trendy Timberland style, or because you believe in their mission of sustainability and community service, Timberland has something to offer for everyone. Stay tuned for Black Friday and other seasonal sales to get the most out of your hard-earned dollars when you shop for yourself or for friends and family. Trust us—Timberlands under the tree will thrill everyone on your list!