What You Need to Know About Vibram Soles

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The Soul Behind Vibram Soles 

In 1935, an avid climber and mountain guide named Vitale Bramani was on an expedition in the Italian Alps when tragedy struck. Six of Bramani’s mountaineering companions were killed in an accident, which Bramani believed was caused in part by inadequate footwear for the terrain and conditions. Determined to prevent such a terrible misfortune from happening to anyone else, Bramani set out to create boot soles that would save lives. After obtaining funding from Leopoldo Pirelli, his carrarmato or “tank tread” soles became a reality. In 1954, the first expedition to reach the summit of K2 did so while wearing Vibram soles, fulfilling Bramani’s dream of keeping climbers safe. Today, Vibram not only protects mountaineers, but also provides over a thousand footwear manufacturers around the globe with trustworthy Vibram yellow-label soles.

Why Choose Vibram?

What makes Vibram soles so popular? Vibram offers many different types of soles, each engineered for different terrains, conditions, and even professions. There are Vibram soles for walking on city streets, park sidewalks, wet surfaces, mountain peaks, and slippery ice. Vibram even offers a sole for use at -40°C, and one that is resistant to heat and flame for firefighters’ boots. Boots with Vibram soles are also used in hazardous industrial environments, the military, and law enforcement. Whether you’re walking the dog or scaling Everest, there’s a Vibram sole for you.

Vibram Innovation

Vibram is often recognized as the creators of Vibram FiveFingers, a minimalist shoe with a thin sole and moveable toes. Vibram FiveFingers shoes were meant to closely mimic the experience of being barefoot, and have been used in many types of sports and fitness, such as running, yoga, trail trekking, and even yacht racing. These glove-like shoes looked strange to some, but each style was carefully engineered to provide a “barefoot” experience while protecting your feet and providing traction during your favorite activities. More recently, Vibram has developed their new line of Furoshiki footwear, a collection of "wrap shoes." These shoes are made from a Vibram sole and an upper of stretchy fabric that is wrapped around the foot, helping them to fit any foot type and making them perfect for travel. While Vibram FiveFingers and Furoshiki shoes are certainly noteworthy innovations, at the end of the day, Vibram is all about the soles.

Got Sole?

Many of Englin’s most popular brands use soles by Vibram on some of their styles. Certain New Balance athletic shoes, Merrell hiking boots and shoes, and UGG Australia snow boots feature these durable and dependable outsoles. From extreme outdoor footwear to fashion styles, Vibram has substantially expanded the use of its soles. You can even find them on select Dansko shoes. 

    Merrell Women's Siren Edge              Merrell Men's Moab Gore-Tex


The next time you embark on a run, a hike, or any other outdoor endeavor, consider Vibram-soled footwear. No matter the terrain, you can trust the traction of Vibram soles to keep you safe. Their unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces makes these soles the very best for anything from everyday wear to your most extreme adventures.

UGG Women's Adirondack                    UGG Men's McCall